Whether your challenge is to determine the useful life of a facility, improve productivity and space utilisation within an existing facility, or choose between re-fitting or developing a greenfield site, New World Business Solutions’ Warehousing Optimisation services help you to find the optimal balance between the cost of space, labour and equipment.


New World Business Solutions’ expertise extends from the initial planning stages of a greenfield site development or re-design of an existing facility through to implementation. In short, we convert concept designs into highly productive distribution operations.

Our designs feature extensive fact based analysis and advanced design tools, combined with an in depth understanding of best practice materials handling solutions and warehousing processes, to develop the most productive warehousing operations.

developing a supply chain strategy
benefits of warehouse management system
developing a supply chain strategy
benefits of warehouse management system


New World Business Solutions provides independent and expert advice to help you develop a strategy to meet your long-term systems goals and objectives. By combining our industry expertise with knowledge of system functionality and business requirements, we can assist you in implementing the Warehouse Management System strategy that is right for your company.

● Insufficient Warehouse Space and Utilisation
● Slow Picking Process
● High labour costs
● Poor inventory accuracy
● Maximum facility capacity and useful life
● Decisions to refit or develop a greenfield site
● Understanding materials handling and technology options
● Capital considerations

● Improved layout, material flow and safety
● Increased storage efficiency / space utilisation
● Reduced labour and operating costs
● Achieve the right balance between space, labour and equipment
● Increased customer service performance and competitive advantage

● Suitability of various WMS application products, IT platform & budget
● WMS functionality requirements
● ERP based or best of breed WMS solution
● WMS selection criteria
● Capital investment requirements

● Reduced operating costs
● Optimised operating processes
● Improved labour productivity
● Maximised space utilisation
● Elimination of warehouse and customer service errors
● Improved inventory accuracy
● Typical operating cost savings 10 – 20%
● Typical inventory reduction opportunities 5 – 15%