New World’s Transportation Optimisation services are aimed at determining the most efficient means of moving product to the customer while maintaining a desired service level.


New World can help develop a cost effective and responsive strategy to meet the dynamic nature of your supply chain. We focus on understanding the needs and limitations of the transportation function and quantify the changes required to improve efficiency and customer service.
developing a supply chain strategy
benefits of warehouse management system
developing a supply chain strategy
benefits of warehouse management system


Transportation Management Systems

New World helps companies navigate the complex & time-consuming Transportation Management System (TMS) supplier selection process. A thorough & detailed approach ensures that the following issues are evaluated in selecting a suitable technology partner.


Our services can help you optimise your current fleet operations or determine whether to operate your own fleet or outsource to a 3rd party.
developing a supply chain strategy
benefits of warehouse management system

● Cost tradeoffs and customer service strategy
● Mode selection - Road, Rail, Sea, or Air
● Order consolidation opportunities
● Carrier selection and capabilities
● Fuel surcharges and freight cost impact
● Transport KPI’s and benchmarking

● Reduced overall transportation costs
● Improved carrier performance
● Reduced mileage, fuel, carbon emissions
● Improved asset utilisation
● Optimised carrier and mode selection
● Increased control of transport function
● Improved shipment tracking and tracing
● Typical cost savings opportunities 10 – 20 %

● Cloud-based or hosted on-premise solution
● Shipping modes supported by TMS
● Functionality to meet market requirements
● Perpetual and subscription licensing
● Enterprise or network solution
● Planning/optimisation, execution, settlement and analysis capabilities

● Improved customer service
● Reduced freight costs – up to 15% savings
● Improved network-wide visibility
● Increased asset utilisation
● Centralised planning and reduced administrative costs
● Improved transportation efficiency and performance

● Optimal fleet capacity and configuration
● Impact of increased / decreased truck capacities
● Operate own transport or outsource our requirements to a third party carrier
● Benefits and risks associated with operating an owner driver fleet

● Improved on-time delivery performance
● Optimised fleet capacity
● Maximised transport system utilisation
● Reduced operating costs
● Improved customer service
● Typical cost savings opportunities 10 – 20%