New World Business Solutions’ Transportation Optimisation services determine the best method to efficiently transport goods throughout the supply chain to reduce transportation costs, meet delivery service levels, increase customer satisfaction and achieve a competitive advantage. We help clients regain control of their transportation and logistics operations by improving transportation management, carrier selection and performance, fleet utilisation and shipment tracking.


To achieve transportation optimisation goals, New World Business Solutions can help develop a cost effective and responsive transportation strategy to meet the dynamic nature of your supply chain. Many organisations have lost control of their transportation costs, which for some, can be their largest operational cost.

Our transportation consultants focus on understanding the needs and limitations of your transportation function and quantify the changes required to reduce costs, improve efficiency and customer service and achieve transportation key performance indicators.


Systems Selection & Implementation

Transportation planners and transport managers struggle with making transportation decisions daily. Balancing fleet requirements, determining and selecting the right transport mode, and designing optimal transportation routes can be addressed by using advanced transportation software.

New World Business Solutions helps clients to navigate the complex and time-consuming Transportation Management System supplier selection process. A thorough and detailed approach ensures that the following issues are evaluated in selecting a suitable transportation technology partner. Transportation management solutions can include JDA, SAP, ORTEC, Orcoda Transport Logistics (formerly SmartTrans) and Oracle.


Fleet Specification & Design

Our transportation optimisation services include assisting you with fleet specification and design, to help you optimise your current fleet network operations, improve fleet management or determine whether to operate your own fleet or outsource to a logistics third party.

New World Business Solutions reviews all areas impacting the efficiency and performance of the fleet and works closely with you to determine the best fleet management strategy. We also review your requirements for fleet management technology to increase asset utilisation, reduce transportation costs, optimise fleet schedules, maximise efficiency and increase visibility and control with real-time fleet tracking.