Outsourcing the logistics function offers numerous potential benefits for many businesses today including significant logistics cost savings, achievement of customer service levels, increased customer satisfaction and improved company reputation. However, evaluating and selecting the right third party logistics provider continues to be a challenging and risky proposition for even the most experienced managers.


3PL Provider Selection

New World Business Solutions’ 3PL market knowledge and objective, fact-based approach generates a detailed understanding of the costs, benefits and risks involved in outsourcing logistics management to a 3PL provider. We examine the warehouse outsourcing pros and cons to identify whether third party warehousing is the right fit for your company.

We take the time to understand your reasons for outsourcing logistics and identify the issues you seek to overcome and the opportunities you seek to gain by using a suitable 3PL provider (e.g. capability, assets, HR, growth, cost, performance).


New World Business Solutions has assisted numerous clients with logistics outsourcing projects. Our support will help ensure a successful 3PL contract negotiation with your 3PL provider to avoid common mistakes organisations make when outsourcing logistics.

We take the time to ensure your expectations of the 3PL provider are clear, documented, specific, realistic and measurable.


A periodic audit of the relationship with your 3PL provider is a highly effective means of ensuring that the initial intent and promise of the logistics outsourcing arrangement remains on track.

We help you to identify the best timing of the audit in conjunction with your 3PL contract and implementation plan to ensure a realistic timeframe has been allowed. The initial audit also includes a post 3PL implementation review to identify improvements required from both parties. The audit aims to ensure logistics performance targets are achieved as per the 3PL contract.