supply chain optimisation

The importance of supply chain optimisation when doing business

Australia’s business, logistics and supply chain environs are markedly different for every company doing business here—whether a multinational just entering Australian markets or a firm that’s been doing business here for years.

Today, each firm faces unique logistical and supply chain challenges, whether that means they need to:

  • Develop more-effective supply chain segmentation for net profitability across each segment
  • Locate the optimal supply chain talent to support their business growth–from highly skilled data analysts to skilled warehouse workers
  • Site a new warehouse or distribution centre in the face of a huge run-up in increased offshore demand for Australian logistics assets, which has skewed logistics and supply chain options for years to come or
  • Understand how choosing the right Australian 3PLs or carriers for global, regional or national freight can help contribute to supply chain optimisation

How you can pre-empt change via  competitive supply chain strategies

Our experience working with clients across a wide range of Australian industries has taught us that a large proportion of costs in a typical business are driven by logistics decisions and the quality of supply chain relationships. And while some companies do an excellent job of modelling their supply chains, others have barely tapped the potential for improvement and have focused on logistics instead. Conversely, it’s important to note that:

The potential for operating cost reduction through logistics and supply chain optimisation is considerable—ranging from 10 to 40 percent of total supply chain spend.

We encourage you to start your journey to understanding how you can achieve supply chain optimisation by downloading our free white paper to learn:

  • Why and how supply chain optimisation is a key driver of overall competitiveness
  • Why it’s important not to underestimate the ongoing cost of using logistics optimisation technology
  • How supply chain optimisation tools and technologies can be used at strategic, tactical or operational levels for everything from multi-year strategic planning to daily planning and execution
  • The 10 key pre-requisites for supply chain optimisation
  • How New World Business Solutions helps you choose the right methodology and supply chain solutions for your unique supply chain challenge to move beyond logistics to supply chain optimisation

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