Our Inventory Optimisation services are targeted at achieving significant capital investment reduction in high volume and complex product supply chains. Inventory managers face complex inventory management challenges daily regarding holding the right inventory in the right place and achieving the right balance between cost and inventory service levels while minimising risk. We’ll help you to improve inventory management and inventory control.


New World Business Solutions utilises best of breed inventory management and optimisation software and methods to deliver the best distribution of inventory within specified cost and inventory availability goals. The supply chain software used for inventory optimisation includes JDA Inventory Optimization, E2open, Horizon Inventory and ToolsGroup. Innovative inventory optimisation software improves inventory planning and allows inventory managers to match orders with available inventory, increase inventory service levels and inventory turnover and optimise the inventory investment. Through advanced inventory planning and optimisation, our inventory management consultants and warehouse management consultants will help you develop the right inventory optimisation strategy and optimise inventory levels in your supply chain.